Nigerian Gospel Artist Aspires a Duet with Don Moen


Ayotunde Apata, Nigerian gospeller wishes to do a duet with the legendary gospel singer, Donald James Moen better known as Don Moen – American singer and songwriter of Christian music.

Apata, when he visited South Africa advised other gospel artists not to divert from their calling in the process of trying to please people or looking for fame.

He said many times when he is down and he listens to Don Moen’s music because his songs ministers to him and comforts him because his lyrics are more like prayers and also he likes the subtlety and the calmness of his voice.

Apata started singing at a very tender age when he joined the children’s choir while he was in primary school. Then, he thought he was going to become a lawyer but unfortunately his father who played a major role in his life and a lover of good music passed away in 1992. He continued singing in the church where God sent him his helpers of destiny who assisted from then till date.

Mr. Apata has produced five albums but became popular after his third album. During the exclusive interview with, he expressed how impressed he was with the Yoruba community in South Africa because they support each other.

Apata shared an experience he had during his visit to South Africa that a Yoruba man who was just passing by heard him speak in Yoruba language and he came to greet him.

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