78-yr-old Robbed in Church During Prayer


Some women in Tennessee in America used prayer as a ruse to steal money and credit cards out of an older woman’s purse.

The incident occurred before an evening worship service at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee, on February 9.

The unholy act was captured by the surveillance camera with footage showing one woman stealing from the purse of a 78-year-old church member.

The victim was unaware of the theft, while another woman prayed for her.

Senior Pastor of the church, Larry Robertson told the congregation at the start of the service.
“We had a couple of women who came at about 5:40 and said they thought the service started at six, and I directed them in this direction (the sanctuary).


One of our ladies came early and was here. And long story short, they robbed her. One asked, ‘Will you pray with me?’ While they had their eyes closed and heads bowed, the other girl got into our church member’s purse, and we’ve got it all on video … got credit cards, cash, everything. Closed it back up, and amazingly, that’s when the prayer

The senior pastor Robertson prayed that God avenges the victim. He proceeded to quote from Deuteronomy 32:35, which reads, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay sayeth the Lord. The Lord knows who they are and where they are”.

He also encouraged church members to pray that the suspects would repent and turn to Christ.
“I want to pray that the Lord will awaken something in these young ladies and realize the error of their ways and ultimately, come to Christ. The reality is there’s not much the police can do at this point. We want to pray for those individuals, especially Ms. Linda. People know that Christians are kind and trusting, and the devil knows it too”.

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