8% of Pastors in the U.S. Are Not Sure Their Church Will Survive The Pandemic


8% of pastors in the United States of America (USA) are unsure their church will survive the pandemic crisis, while 1 percent are not very confident.

About 51% of pastors believe their congregation will experience a decline in attendance once the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is over.

Meanwhile, 17% of pastors say they expect attendance to grow, while 27 percent of pastors say it will remain stable.

According to a poll released on Monday, 51% of senior pastors and executive pastors believe their church attendance will decline after the pandemic – 46 percent believing it will decline “slightly” and 5 percent decline “significantly.”

The survey was part of Barna’s weekly Church Panel, which launched in March and is in its 17th week.

65% of pastors say their churches are “open for normal use, with some precautions in place. 15% are either closed or open only for staff.

Another 16% of churches are only open for small gatherings or meetings. Only 2 percent of pastors say their churches are opened for normal use with no precautions.

Barna Report:

29% of small groups are meeting as usual, while 15% are meeting either outdoors or practicing social distancing when gathered. One-fourth (27%) are meeting in real-time using video or conference calls, while 19 percent have stopped meeting.

13% of pastors say they don’t believe they’ll be able to host services in their buildings until next year.

76% of pastors say they believe their Christmastime evangelism and outreach efforts will be disrupted this year (53% “very” disrupted and 23 percent “somewhat” disrupted).

A total of 62% say they are “very confident,” while 30 percent answered “confident. The survey was conducted Sept. 10-18.

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