A Facebook post from The Peoples Daily News Online reported that 8 self-proclaimed prophets from the Vadzidzi VaJeso Apostolic sect drowned while competing to retrieve a “holy stick” in Mazowe River to select a new baptist.

Mashonaland Central provincial development coordinator Timothy Tigere confirmed the incident.

The tragic incident which claimed the life of 8 people reportedly happened last Saturday at around 2pm at the Hungumwe River which lies at the junction of Mazowe and Tsvinje rivers.

It was reported that ten prophets were involved in the ritual competition to select a baptist when they drowned.

However, only three of the eleven prophets survived. The news has gone viral in the last 24 hours.
The deceased have not yet been identified. Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was not yet in a position to comment.

However, Tigere said the provincial civil protection unit was mobilising resources to buy coffins, fuel, and food to assist the bereaved families.

He added the leader of the Vadzidzi vaJeso apostolic sect was on a mission to select a baptist from the prophets gathered and threw a rod into the river before informing the prophets anyone who managed to retrieve it would become the new baptist.

Eleven of the prophets jumped into the river and eight drowned.

One of the witnesses of the sad development said: “Saturday was our last day to gather at church and traditionally we baptise each other before Passover Sunday. We went to the river and at around 10 am and stood in a formation as is our norm when we are praying. The prophets stood at the front and we started singing. The prophets fell into a trance and jumped into the river and they drowned. The matter was reported to the police and the bodies were taken to Chimhanda Clinic mortuary”.

Angry Facebook comments trailed the event:
Amo Armstrong
This is really madness most African religions try to merge our culture with European religion..that is when the problem kicks in.

Margaret Amadi
God will wipe away all these fakes to pave way for the true prophets!

Dumisani Moyo

A holy stick instead to compete for the preaching of the word of God to the masses

Tatenda Joe Chingwaro
‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’, had they known there is nothing like Holy stick, they would have been alive. Occultism is on the rise, the Church of Jesus Christ is under siege. Many are in cults not in church. Most buildings we see today are shrines, God has nothing to do with them. It’s called Holy Spirit it abides in us, not a Holy stick found in water

Kapuna Jappie

Stephen Mbuthia Nope, it’s their stupidity. Where is it written in the Bible? These are Satanists. A proper child of God has nothing to do with competition.

Nukajam Aloysius
Dawn Dlamini Good question, if it were not a framed story by those who do not want people to believe in prophets, they would have started by telling us how they came to the knowledge that there is a holy stick in the river and the source.

Albert Bwanga
This is madness they went into the devil’s territory. Don’t test God’s power thru yo ignorance

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