Airforce Officer and Chaplain Punished for Preaching against Fornication


As the battle to dilute and weaken the word of God rages on, former Air Force chaplain calls on all concerned Christians to fight for their Godly freedom, premising his campaign on him being dismissed from the military for preaching against fornication.

The chaplain, Curt Cizek preached to recruits in 2013 at Lackland Air Force Base and part of the themes of his sermon was the need to abstain from fornication – having sex without being married.

He revealed he had never being punished for preaching until that ‘faceless’ day.

He said the message was about sin and how people seem to be cool with it.

Cizek said. “If you’re having sex with somebody that you’re not married to, then you need to stop. I said, ‘You know, sometimes the Christian church has gotten the reputation for being prejudiced because we look at one sin, homosexuality, and then we turn a blind eye and don’t say anything about heterosexual sin, and that’s hypocritical'”.

Afterwards, he found out later that a lesbian trainee reported him complaining about the sermon.

Cizek claimed she lied about the sermon, claiming he said all homosexuals are going to burn in hell.

It was reported that 2,500 trainees heard that day’s sermon and it was only the lesbian that complained.

Apparently, there was also an openly lesbian commander working in basic training who escalated the complaint.

As part of Cizek’s punishment, his performance reports were downgraded and his promotion recommendation was also downgraded.

He said he only got passed over for promotion twice and involuntarily separated from the Air Force in 2016.

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