Best Ways To Deal With Backbiters/Backstabbers


Backstabbing or backbiting is not a pleasant experience especially when you feel betrayed but it’s not a big deal, depending on how you handle it.

Some backstabbers are sick. It’s not that they really want to harm you. If it’s not you, it will be someone else because they are sick and under demonic oppression. Meanwhile, it’s okay for people to have weaknesses but it is wise not to allow their weaknesses to affect you.

No matter the brand of the backstabber, first appreciate the fact that you are ahead and they are at your back, that’s why they backstab you.

Secondly, they are attention sick and your progress made you move ahead and all they have is your back, so they have fewer choices not to backstab.

Thirdly, backstabbing may mean you are doing well and some people are intimidated, angry or jealous, so they stoop low to backstab.

It may also be that you are a celebrity. People must talk about you because you CANNOT NOT trend, so haters will create bad news.

How To Deal with Them
Miriam and Aron the Priest backstabbed Moses in Numbers 12. First, see that backstabbers come in all forms and shades. Here it is a prophetess and a priest who are backstabbing their brother. That confirms that backstabbing happens within the family much more than you can imagine.

Moses himself did not hear but the Lord heard. One thing about backstabbers is that they hardly look up. If they look up, they may remember God is there and that he hears them.

But when someone is swamped with hatred, envy, and jealousy, they become deaf and blind.

Don’t worry too much when you hear you are back-bitten or back-stabbed, the Lord hears them and won’t leave your image at their mercy. The Lord struck Miriam with leprosy and Moses begged on her behalf.

When you allow God to deal with your backstabbers, you will beg for them.

Since you know that they backstab because they are behind, then find rest because they will stay behind.

Don’t also forget that your integrity is in God and no one can soil your name. Learn to fight with testimonies. Backstabbers are lily-livered, when they see your top-level success, they will turn around eat their vomit.

It is also critical that you learn to forgive them so they don’t make you live with an offense.

And when you have the opportunity, prove them wrong. God plays his part, you must play your part. With wisdom and calmness, confront them and let them know you know, and leave them with the guilt.

If they are genuinely repentant, help them recover if you can.

Please deal with backstabbing. Don’t overlook the dent a backstabber can make. If they refuse to change, don’t force them to change as they are least likely to change.

Finally, don’t overly trust any source that is exposing someone who has backstabbed you. Oftentimes, they are part of it but when guilt eats them, they come to expose the plot.

Someone who does not support backstabbing will stop a backstabber in his dirty work. He won’t give them listening ears. He won’t encourage them. He may even make them see they are backstabbing and that he does not want to be part of it.

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