Biblical Solutions to Christians’ Poor Romance and Sex Life (Series 1).


One of the most unpopular thoughts is that God knows about sex more than all of us.
Also, God understands the pleasure of sex more than all of us. Actually, God understands the physics, biology, and mechanics of sex more than human beings.

He invented it and He inspires us on how to enjoy it.

A married man once asked me: what can I do to better my sexual lifestyle? I told him: “ask the Holy Spirit”. Then he said: “man of God, I’m serious”. I told him: “so you think Holy Spirit does not know about sex? Or Holy Spirit cannot teach you about sex?”. Grudgingly he agreed with me but I knew he is not likely to ask the Holy Spirit.

Many married believers hardly believe Holy Spirit can help them in their romance and sex life. A report says over 96% have hardly engaged the Holy Spirit for help to better their romance.

Believers get trapped in unGodly self-help books and tapes in the quest to better their romance and sex life. Some even get lost and become addicted to pornography.

In this series of “Let’s Talk about Sex”, let’s look at possible spiritual solutions to poor romance and sex. These solutions may be very useful to those with hidden or unknown spiritual challenges that bedevil their romance. Today, we shall look at how to deal with wholeness.

When you are not “whole”, you can hardly enjoy romance. You may not be “whole” for many reasons.
It could be due to emotional/verbal or physical abuse when you were young. You may not have received love when growing up and you can’t give what you don’t have. You may have suffered abuse in past relationships. You may have been a rape victim. It could sexual molestation, amongst other reasons. You may even have buried some terrible childhood experiences that now cripple your body from responding to romance. It could even be a pure demonic attack. It could also be poverty and too-much hardship that have ruined romance and love in someone.

The first Biblical secret to enjoying sex in your marriage is wholeness. Many people are not physically and emotionally well. They need healing and may not know it. Some have been wounded and broken whilst growing up and some good parts of them have died.

These people may need to pray these prayers:

1:Holy Spirit restore my emotions
2:Holy Spirit heal my body
3:My body receive fresh fire of revival for marital bliss
4:My marriage be baptized with divine love afresh
5:Holy Spirit open my eyes to hidden injuries hindering my emotional wellbeing
6:Hidden brokenness and injuries in my spirit, soul, and body are healed in the name of Jesus
7:Appetite for loneliness in me die in the name of Jesus
8:My body be revived for my marital responsibilities in the name of Jesus
9:Ungodly addictions in me die in the name of Jesus
10:Divine wisdom for maximum sexual pleasure rest upon me in the name of Jesus
11:Demonic walls between me and my spouse collapse by fire
12:Demonic third-party hijacking my emotions and affection die in the name of Jesus
13:Strange emotions and affections in my die in the name of Jesus
14: Injuries and pains in my past afflicting my affection be destroyed by the blood of Jesus
15: My sex drive receive a divine boost in the name of Jesus
16: I commit my romance and sex life to the hands of the Holy Spirit
17: Spirit of selfishness in my romance and sex life be bound and be banished in the name of Jesus
18: Spirit husband/wife tormenting my sexual life die in the name of Jesus
19: Demonic attack against my marital romance be destroyed by the blood of Jesus
20: Witchcraft bewitchment of my marriage be destroyed in the name of Jesus

Over and above all the prayers suggested above, ask the Holy Spirit for help. It works. He can lead you to the right counselor, the right book, and the right actions to take. He is your helper in every area of your life.

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