Black Wednesday, Unholy Fire in Georgia Church


Wednesday Night Service turned sour as it became a horrible moment for Douglas Christian Fellowship Church of God, situated in Douglas, Georgia.

The Church was said to have been on live stream on their YouTube channel during the night service before the fire broke out.

Robert Preston Jr. of DouglasNow said the fire outbreak was as a result of some propane tank behind the church, which must have exploded. Yet, it is uncertain at the moment, what exactly triggered the explosion.

No casualties were reported as the church at Douglas was ahead of the fire, and ensured everyone was evacuated once the fire was noticed.

The Church building was extensively destroyed by the raze, as the fire was said to have started 15 minutes after the service had just started, as captured on the YouTube live stream of the Church service.

Firefighters were later spotted at the scene of the fire, trying their best to put the fire out.

Preston, who was at the scene of the fire said,

” This is pretty impressive, and I don’t mean impressive in a good way. ”

” The fire happened in a hurry, it spread in a hurry, and it did a lot of damage in a hurry. ”

” And it’s just incredible- and I say “incredible” now, in a good way- that nobody was hurt. We’re so thankful. ” Preston added.

“We were heartbroken, watching a place we love just go up in ashes and you can’t do nothing about it “, said Thompson.



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