Catholic Priest Beaten Up By Angry Youths For Flogging Councilor’s Son in Nigeria


Angry youths in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State allegedly beat up Revered Father Ejike Fabian Odunze, the parish priest of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Nkomoro.

The priest had flogged and detained the son of the Councilor of Nkomoro Ward, Mrs. Ngozika Onele, for allegedly destroying his cassava farm.

Reports confirmed that Fr. Ejike had vowed not to release the child without seeing the parents, having warned him several times, against destroying his farm produce.

Fr. Odunze’s refusal to release the boy, angered his family members who went and reported the matter to the Chairman of the Parish Council.

The matter climaxed when priest allegedly Father started one of the who came to seek the release of the detained person.

The boy beaten collected the cane from Father and broke into pieces. Thenceforth, the siblings of the boy beaten started beat the priest black and blue.

“When the Chairman of the Parish Council arrived at Father’s house, alongside Kelechi Nwali and Chika Nwali, who are the brothers to the Ward Councillor, he sought to know what happened”.

“But Fr. Ejike asked him to ask the people who brought him into the matter. It was in the process that a quarrel ensued. Then, Chika Nwali insisted Father must release the boy to them without further delay. His outburst angered Father who ordered that he should leave his compound. But he refused. Chika said he would not leave without Father releasing the boy. In anger, Father Brough a cane and started beating him…”

The Father left the community, and is currently at Bishop’s quarters in Abakaliki, where he is also receiving treatment.

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