China Bans Church for Not Installing Surveillance Camera & Asks Christians to Worship The President


China bans a 1,500-member congregation church for refusing to install surveillance cameras in the church and also seized ‘illegal promotional materials, said to be Bible and church literature.

China had threatened to close down the house church Zion if they did not comply and have now come through on their threat.

The church had been able to gather without registering for some time and the Chinese government claimed that the church was banned because without registering first, its gatherings were illegal.

The ban surprised many as China’s constitution guarantees religious freedom.

Reportedly, Xi Jinping, who took office 8 years ago, began completely disregarding this right in China’s constitution and began shutting down churches and persecutes religious minorities.

In recent times, China has also been heavily persecuting Christians. In one town, the Chinese government demanded Christians pray to the Chinese president. They took down a cross and replaced it with an image of the president instead. An 84-year-old man was harassed over it.

However, religious asylum seekers who founded The Epoch Times have long reported on the Chinese affronts to any religion that doesn’t worship the state and its leaders.

Additionally, there are reports that the Chinese government is working on a “socialist” Bible that they will use as a “replacement” for all other real Bible translations in the country.

The Christian Post also reports they are trying to force churchgoers to sing communist anthems, in addition to other forms of persecution.

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