Christian Population in Iran Hits 1 Million


A new survey guesstimates that 1.5 percent of Iran’s fifty million population are Christians.

It was a survey by a Netherlands-based research group GAMAAN.

According to GAMAAN, the number of Christians in Iran is “without doubt in the order of magnitude of several hundreds of thousands and growing beyond a million.

Latest government statistics states that the traditional Armenian and Assyrian Christians in Iran number 117,700.

Mansour Borji, research and advocacy director for Article 18, a United Kingdom-based organization (dedicated to the protection and promotion of religious freedom in Iran) said: “With the lack of proper data, most international advocacy groups expressed a degree of doubt on how widespread the conversion phenomenon is in Iran. It is pleasing to see, for the first time—a secular organization adding its weight to these claims.”

The research, which asked 23 questions about an individuals’ “attitude toward religion” and demographics, was run by professors associated with the respected Dutch universities of Tilburg and Utrecht.

A UK judge in a March, ruling establishing best practice guidelines, following a case that ultimately denied asylum to an Iranian convert said: We do not regard it as remotely plausible that there are as many as 1 million people secretly practicing Christianity in Iran today. The huge numbers of converts claimed by various evangelical missions must be viewed in light of the fact that … the more converts they can claim, the greater the incentive for co-religionists to donate.”

In 2005, the United Nations advised, Iran, the first time, to “Christian converts” fairly.

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