Christian University Professor Arrested for Sexual Battery & Abduction of Student


A professor of the world’s largest Christian university, William Atwell was arrested on charges of sexual battery and abduction by force late last month.

The professor was released on bail and is due in court on January 25. Court records revealed the accusation against the professor.

Professor Atwell was accused of a sexual battery incident in September and then abduction by force in November.

He was a professor of American Sign Language in the modern languages department of the university.

The professor did not respond to requests for comment as at press time.

A statement from the university said: “Liberty University takes nothing more seriously than claims that a faculty member has had inappropriate sexual contact with one of our students, something for which there is zero tolerance. With the student’s consent, the university turned the matter over to the appropriate legal authorities, and the faculty member in question was arrested”.

Liberty University claims that its definition of a Christian university only includes universities that hire faculty who adhere to fundamental Christian doctrine.

A report in October by ProPublica said more than 50 former Liberty students and staff members claimed that Liberty University boasted a culture in which leaders discourage women from reporting sexual assault.

Many students said they were dismissed or threatened when they tried to come forward with reports of sexual abuse and rape and that many of the men accused in the attacks did not face any consequences.

On July, 12 former Liberty students and employees filed a lawsuit against the school, saying the honor code makes it “difficult or impossible” for students to report sexual violence.

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