Christianity in Crisis: 62% Christians Dont Believe The Holy Spirit is REAL


If the result of the recent survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University is true, then Christianity is in a real crisis.

The study reported that out of about 176 million people in America Christians who identify as Christian, more than half of them do not believe that the Holy Spirit exists.

If 62% of Americans don’t believe the Holy Spirit is real, then how many African Christians believe The Comforter is real.

However, alarming and shameful statistics confirm the reason many so-called unbelievers are better than Christians, as Christians have abandoned their major God-advantage.

It is not uncommon to see many Christians speaking in other languages as bragging rights but many of them are only cosmetic and sensual in terms of spirituality.

Any serious church would know that after people get saved, they needed to be introduced to the Holy Spirit. When they have a genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit, all the help they need is at hand.

Many pastors have not sufficiently taught their followers about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is why it is hard for many Christians to believe the Holy Spirit is real.

Today, we have plenty of carnal and sensual Christians and plenty of cosmetic and sensational church services. Many pastors don’t want their members to even know the Holy Spirit. They are fearful it will make the members depend on them less.

The study from the Arizona college was recently released as part of the American Worldview Inventory, an annual survey that looks at the worldview of U.S. adults.

Witchcraft is the order of the day in most churches today, as pastors have removed God from the center of Christianity and have put themselves there. They want members to seek them for prophecy, prayers, and guidance, so they can always be the only superstar and continually milk their naive members.

It is hightime the body of Christ returns to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and come out o the high-sounding nonsense they parade across the world in the name of teaching and preaching.

Revival may be delayed or unachievable when the church of God does not even know The Revivalist, that is the Holy Spirit.

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