Christians Schools Face Decline in Enrollment & Value Proposition


At a time that the church in America needs cultural institutions that preserve Godly virtues, Christian schools are experiencing declining enrollment and layoffs.

Media reports confirm that Sixty-five percent of American Christian schools have seen a decline in enrollment between 2014-2018 and in the last ten years.

944 faculty and staff positions have been eliminated and the schools are under pressure to reduce turn away from virtuous education to mere career training and certification.

This is in opposition to the cultivation of wisdom – the core rationale that underscore the establishment of the Christian schools.

As it is, the pursuit of profit seems the new priorities of Christian schools in America.

Alan Noble wrote in a Christian news site that: I do not believe that Christian higher education can save us. It can’t. But having spent 13 years teaching, the majority of which took place within Christian universities, I have personally witnessed the tremendous power of these institutions to transform the lives of students, to produce scholarly and popular work that builds up the church, and to be spaces of cultural renewal and preservation. Our schools, properly funded and supported, can be beacons of light for the church during a time of crisis. Or they too can crumble into highly efficient, baptized career and bureaucracy training centers”.

Noble’s lamentation underscores the imperative need of vibrant Christian institutions as the world declines further in moral and Godliness.

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