Dele Momodu Leads The Pack of Nigerians Who Defend The Wealth of Bishop David Oyedepo


A popular viral message said to be written by Chief Dele Momodu affirms that Bishop David Oyedepo and some Nigerian pastors are better than the Nigerian government in leadership, wealth management and contribution to human and societal development.

“They are running their churches 100% better than the way the president is running the country. The fact is many Nigerians are loosing it. They can’t think beyond going after pastors. In what way has pastors prevented Nigeria from owning an airline? In what way do pastors prevent Nigeria from having industries? Less than 0.0001% of pastors own Jets in Nigeria. —-but no, let us forget the over 70% that earn less than 50k/month and focus on the 0.0001% than own jets”.

Hitherto, Nigerian pastors have been strongly criticised for running mega churches and leading flamboyant lifestyles. The crux of the criticism is “pastors who own private jests”.

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo had responded in an interview on Channels television that pastors who have private jets are not up to 10 in Nigerian and that, that is still a small number, compared to the number of Christians in Nigeria and the capacity of God to bless his children.


Experts say high level of poverty in Nigeria predisposes some people to frown at the few who have outstanding success and prosperity and assume they must help all others or refuse to accept they are doing well enough.

Also, many critics say the pastor extort their ignorant poor members to gather wealth. Pastor Mensah Otabil from Ghana countered the argument that: “pastors take from poor people”. He said every business takes from poor people and people are fine with it; hence he does not understand why people get angry over pastors benefitting from the people they serve.

A social media commentator asked: “If the members are poor, where do they get money they give to pastors. Many pastors help these poor people. Some pastors get blessed from people outside their churches. It’s just ignorant jealousy”.

Meanwhile, Chief Momodu has not confirm the viral message emanated from him but there are other viral messages supporting pastors against government flying around.

“If you run your governments the way church leaders are running churches. Nigeria might be a Qatar right now. In all these argumentS, Canaanland has had stable electricity and water supply for its over 15,000 residents since 1999 and is already on the verge of converting waste to electricity. RCCG is producing 25MW of electricity. Yet your … govt you pay compulsory tax, vat, CIT, Pet Tax has not been able to give you light decades after independence.

Living Faith has more than 25,000 Staff and has never owed any of them salary! Yet your state govt that collects Allocation plus Tax cannot pay full salary.

Living Faith, a single Church, is schooling 16 thousand of your Citizens in Higher institutions and many more at primary and Secondary levels yet you think you have the capacity to waggle your tongue

I went for Shiloh all through and stayed in the staff quarters, yet it was electricity all through; for one second, water did not go off in spite of thousands that were present. On a normal day you won’t walk 20 metres before you find a segregated bin to dispose your waste.

The entire area was fully covered by different layers of Security with multiple CCTV and IoT enabled barrier gates. And yet your Abuja, capital of the Nation does not have CCTV yet you open your …. mouth to talk down on pastors!

Between the guy that calls himself Area father and Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International who resigned a federal job and started a Church of 3 people and has widened it to over 6,000 churches globally, over 200 schools, 2 hospitals, Over 1000 hectares farm for livestock and crop, Another farm in Igbesa and CU. With 15,000 housing Estate in progress, Water factories, Zeolite factory, One Research center, a scholarship fund, Beverage factories, 10 million books, Publishing house, Radio Station etc who has had more impact or who will have better capacity to govern the nation…?????

Canaanland hosts hundreds of thousands of people every week yet no stampede ever. Government gathered people at stadium for recruitment exercise and before it even began, many were dead!

Living Faith already has a master plan till 2032 yet govt does not have a plan for 2020!

You know Illogicality is the trademark of most Africans. They fail to think beyond their prejudices and sentiments hence Africa has remained on the ground.

Can we imagine how developed the nation would have been if we have people with the right mindset at the helm of the nation’s affairs? God bless all our pastors”.

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