First Concert after death of Founding Member, Big Daddy’s Mike Weaver shares pain


Since the death of founding member of Big Daddy Weave, Jason Weaver, this is the first concert performance from the band.

Big Daddy Weave is an American Contemporary Christian band from Mobile, Alabama.

You may recall that Jason Weaver, the late artist, played bass guitar and also sang with the Christian group. Jason was popularly known as Jay, and had died last month, at the age of 42, from health complications triggered by COVID-19.

Big Daddy’s Mike Weaver opened up about his fears , after his performance at  Rock the Universe on Saturday.

I’ve been really scared about this show, actually. I just need to kind of rip the Band-Aid off. This is the first show that we’ve played this year, but the first show, specifically, since my brother, Jay, who played bass with us for 23 years, went to Heaven to be with Jesus. He had this really long health battle, and we just saw Jesus carry him through so much.”

Jay had suffered from Diabetes for 20 years, until his immune system became weakened by the ailment, which led to the amputation of his feet. He still stayed with the band for five years, after the amputations.

“… for Jay, it was an uphill battle”, says Mike Weaver who plays lead vocals guitar for the band.

“… He was my best friend on this planet. He and my wife, Candace, they’re my best friends. It doesn’t seem real that he’s not here right now. When it dawns on me that it is, it hurts so bad”, Mike said.

” But in the midst of it, I gotta tell you, when I think about the fact that he’s not hurting anymore, I feel like I can take that pain for a little while.” He added.


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