Genuine and fake critics question the authenticity of the Bible as a reliable spiritual and historical record. 

Though science attacks the Bible, not without the inspiration of Satan. 

One of the major attacks against the Bible is that if the book of Genesis ended about 300 years before the time of Moses, then how did Moses write it?

Also, it is observed that the book of Deuteronomy, one of the five books written by Moses, has recorded the death of Moses at its end, which could not have been written by him. “The dead cannot write about himself”.

For Deuteronomy, it is very likely that Joshua would have added that part of Moses’ death to complete his master’s work. 

Additionally, Moses lived through the time of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers and Deuteronomy but was not yet born when Genesis’ stories unfolded.

However, studies made of people in non-book cultures revealed that those who cannot write have phenomenal photographic memories. My guess: all they have is their minds.

Cultures that could not write capture and chronicle their stories through oral tradition – mouth to ears from generation to generation.

The Hebrews would have employed the oral tradition to capture some of the events of the Bible. From Adam to Cain and Abel, to Seth and his siblings…

Geneology is one of the histories passed down in memory. Even to date, some families know about their great ancestors not from books but from stories passed down. 

Genesis has plenty genealogies. “These are the generations of” is a popular phrase in Genesis.

Great deeds of ancestors is another story passed down from generation to generation. Many families have this to date.

Apparently, Moses garnered some of his Genesis report from slaves in Egypt who got them primarily from Jacos house hold, coming from Abraham and before him.

But where the did he get the stories of Genesis 1, 2 and 3 that detailed the creation of the world before any man was created?

Psalms 103:7 says “He made his ways known onto Moses…” God also confirmed that he spoke to Moses mouth to mouth, that is intimately. He was also on Mount Sinai 40 days without water or food  (apparently, among other things),  downloading exclusive secrets known to no man.

If God could tell John in the book of Revelation how the world will end, then He wouldn’t have problem telling Moses how he created our universe.

Many Bible writers wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit with the allowance of their temperament, outlook, memory and insight but the creation story could only have been dictated by God as noted by David Pawson in his book Unlocking The Bible.

Pawson’s argument holds water as Genesis contains some chiseled precision that only God could have downloaded. 

Additionally, Moses studied in the best University of the world at his time – “University of Egypt”, as Egypt was the cradle of civilization. Egypt led in art, science and even magic, at this time. Pharaoh had access to the most learned men of that time and they were around him in the palace and Moses grew up in the palace. 

Divine revelation from God, oral tradition, interviews and researched from the patriarchs helped Moses penned one of the best books of the world – GENESIS!!!

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