How Attractive Muslim Men Lure Poor Christian Women into Sex & Abduction to Populate Islam


Coptic Christian girls in Egypt are being lured by attractive Muslim men into sex, abduction and trafficking. There are allegations that Egyptian officials have done little to help the mothers find their children.

Attractive Muslims are allegedly used to lure Coptic Christians to areas where they are kidnapped.

Reports revealed further that Coptic Christians have been the recipient of what is called “Jihad of the womb,” where Muslims purposely have sex with non-Muslims to control the population and breed out non-Muslims.

CBN’s International Correspondent Gary Lane said: “Christian girls are often targeted by Muslim men in heavily Islamic countries like Egypt. Many are neighbors who charm impoverished Christian girls with kindness and gifts. Attracted by the good looks and kindness of young Muslim men, the girls are lured away from their families based on empty promises of wealth and successful life. Some are raped and culturally that brings shame to their families. They see conversion to Islam and marriage as their only way out”.

An advocacy group, Coptic Solidarity’s report that states a good portion of these abductions are blown off by Egyptian authorities as marriages.

But researches revealed that coercion was used to force these young girls into abduction. The report claimed at least 500 women and girls were abducted this way.

Furthermore, the other cases reported as common according to the report are:

Overpowering and kidnapping women, identified as Coptic by not wearing [a] hijab or wearing a necklace with a cross

Luring minor Coptic girls into romantic relationships by Muslim men

Engaging in superficial theological debates, by those ignorant and disparaging of Christianity’s basic tenets, targeting the youngsters and relatively uneducated.

The coercion often employed in these sexual encounters are forced makes it religious brainwashing into Islam.

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