How Pastor Chris Was Despised by Big Bishops around Archbishop Idahosa…


The senior pastor of Dominion City in Nigeria, Pastor David Ogbueli revealed in one of his sermons Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was one of the servants of God who served Archbishop Benson Idahosa well but was despised by the big shots around the Archbishop when he was serving.

Pastor Ogbueli, who hails from Anambra state in Nigeria narrated that he monitored Pastor Chris when he used to help Archbishop Idahosa read and reply thousands of letters to relieve the man of God of some of his burdens.

He said there were many big bishops around the archbishop who are nowhere to be found today.

In his sermon tagged ‘my life story’, he said some who serve men of God jostle for the pulpit instead of looking for how to add genuine value to the work of the men of God they serve.

He disclosed that some of the big names around Archbishop Idahosa died in mysterious ways whilst those who served him genuinely are not doing well.

“If you are the one that is supposed to carry bag for men of God, make sure he has water…making sure that letters are replied…(don’t leave the duties to get close to the pulpit)”.

“Pastor Chris used to go to Benin; all the halls…there was a period for one year I tried to study him. He came to my school in University of Nigeria, Nsuka (UNN)…You know what he does with his school holidays? He replies Archbishop’s letters to lessen his burden. Idahosa used to have problems with his mailing systems, writing letters. So he took over that one (duty)”.

He said the ‘big men’ around the Archbishop refused to give Pastor Chris a table to do his duty and he would stand all day and work. “When anyone goes on break, he would sit on his table and stands when they return”.

He said many of the ‘big men’ around the Archbishop despised Pastor Chris but that his genuine service to the man of God paid off today.

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