How TL Osborne Learnt & Preached with French Language at 75: Learnt & Preach with Spanish at 79


Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith popularly known as Winners’ Chapel revealed that Dr. T.L. Osborn, world missionary evangelist learnt French Language at the age of 75 and Spanish at the age of 79 – and used both Languages to preach the gospel.

Bishop Oyedepo referenced Dr. Orsborne, the statesman, teacher, author, publisher, linguist, designer, pianist, and administrator is one of his sermons where he was stirring and spuring graduates of Covenant University to be diligently in studying  for victory in life.

He added that the swimming pool in Dr Osborne’s house was converted to a library and that his bedroom opened straight to his library – evident the love of the late evangelist for studying.

Additionally, he mentioned in the sermon that he was shocked to have found Pastor Kenneth Hagin reading one of Dr. Osborne’s book, as he assumed a man of such spiritual stature may not need to read other people’s books.

“I was into Keneth Hagin’s office years ago and I saw him reading a book – new release by T L Osborne on his table.I was dazed. How could Hagin still be reading anybody’s books at this stage of global impact and relevance”, as he motivated the graduates.

The man of God who has over 35,000 people in employ said: “anybody who has attained any great height in life has been a tireless learner.

He also disclosed that he was with TL Osborne a few times in life and has insights into some of the secrets of his life.

Dr. Osborn was best known for his mass-miracle ministry to millions and he did ministry with his wife & associate-minister – Dr. Daisy Washburn Osborn.

The duo established their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1949.

Together, with Christ working through them and with them, they advanced the Gospel to millions of unreached people in over 90 nations.

Their hectic ministry lifestyle made them preached daily to multitudes from 20,000 to 300,000 people with God confirming his word by many astounding miracles.

Dr. Osborn was the first missionary evangelist to go to open fields or parks, in non-Christian nations, to proclaim Christ and to pray for miracles as proof that He is alive.

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