How To Conquer Delay and Stagnation


God may not release major provisions when you refuse to take basic and minor steps toward your vision, mission, business or career.

There are some stages of your vision and dream that you don’t need God to move before you move. Some of them are: writing down your vision and dream, doing research about execution, researching the cost of human and material resources needed, and starting small, among others.

One of the most potent deceptions of the devil is when you tell yourself that you would only process your vision when you have everything. Or when you have a fear to start small. Or the fear of failing. All these are wicked tools that cause delay and stagnation.

You can’t fail. If it didn’t work, master the learning curves and try again.


God created Adam and the vision didn’t work as planned because satan came to deceive Adam and Eve and they fell. God tried again, He sent Jesus and it worked. 

God promised Abraham a child of covenant by promise. Sarah gave him an Ishmael-plan that didn’t work; they tried again and Isaac came and it worked.

Stop being too hard on yourself. I guess you think or listen too much to naysayers who won’t contribute anything to your vision but sell you fear and doubt and mock you when it didn’t work. It is not everybody’s voice or words that matter in your life, regardless of what they say.

Those who truly love you will never mock you when you fail. Then why make the voice of your enemies so important in your life?

Taking a step of faith is very important. If you cannot gracefully and faithfully take steps and invest in your divine vision, why must others partner or invest in it? Heaven moves when you move.!

Phillipians 2:13 says “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him”. Wow, God works in you through the power of the Holy Spirit and gives you the desires and the power to do what pleases Him.

This is so exciting. God puts divine desires (vision, mission, business, career) in us and gives us the power to execute them.

We are extensions of God on earth. We are the tools He employs to carry out His purpose on earth. Those gracious and glorious visions and dreams you have are from God, so He is more than interested to bring them to reality.

Our glorious visions and dreams are part of the fruits of our salvation. We are not just saved to become inconsequential statistics or part of the multitude going nowhere. We are saved to save others. We are saved to keep others in the faith. We are saved to enjoy our marriages, enjoy wealth, prosper, live in good health, affect others positively, etc.

If your vision and dreams don’t glorify God, this message is not for you. And if you find yourself reading it, it means God has visited you and He wants you to repent and align your dreams and visions with His way and words, and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Be careful of dreams and visions that bring only money but hurt others or lead others into sin and perversion.

After praying and committing  the project into God’s hands, now, go take that step trusting God for success. 

But Avoid  the 5Ds: 1: Distractions. 2: Doubt. 3: Discouragement. 4:Delay. 5:Doing-Nothing.

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 

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