It is now a Criminal Offence to Smack kids lightly in Scotland


It is now a criminal offence to smack kids light in Scotland according to the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Act 2019 recently passed.

The Scottish Government’s ban was effected last Saturday and was greeted with unfavourable reactions from a section of the country.

Sociologist Dr Ashley Frawley says the smacking ban has more to do with punishing parents than preventing the mistreatment of children.

She added further that though discouraging smacking is fine but also asked ” should we really be dragging parents to court for using light discipline”?

She added that there is no empirical evidence that midl physical discipline does any to a child.

In the year since the smacking ban was passed “the Scottish Government has carried out no public awareness-raising about the change in the law”, according to the sociologist.

She said the the first time some parents will hear of the ban will be when they answer the phone to a social worker, or answer the door to a police officer, after being reported for using physical discipline

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