Meet The Preacher – Le’ Andria Johnson – Who Gives Out Condoms and Cigarettes and Why


known for her controversial lifestyle, Le’ Andria Johnson, a mega-gospeller, has been known to pass out cigarettes and condoms to people in the inner city neighborhoods of Atlanta claiming “although we do not condone it, some people are going to smoke or have sex anyway, in which case we want them to be safe. Many people will not have a conversation about God, the Bible, or spirituality. When we say we try to “meet them where they are”.

This is one of her most controversial moves.

Her argument is that: “this is to simply start a conversation, share testimonies, and minister the gospel of Jesus. You find that despite their current situation, many of the people know the Bible and are ready to change their lives. They appreciate not judging them or scolding them, but simply having an open and honest conversation with them. The came to church afterward, and are still coming”.

But many of peers see these actions as abetting sinful behaviors in the name of Jesus.

The gospel artist who was part of the preachers in Preachers of Atlanta, – a reality show that chronicles the lives of liberal pastors was heavily criticised for this move.

Some preachers asked her: “Why didn’t Jesus use alcohol or other sinful lifestyle to attract sinners. If Jesus were alive today, will he preached to sinners and win them with the power of the Holy Spirit or distribute condoms and cigarettes to them?”

Her move stirred controversy on ‘using worldly way to win worldly people’ or using Godly way to win worldly people’.

The most vocal voices are those who believe that it is lazy and worldly Christians who attempt to use worldly ways to win sinners and the Bible is very clear about soul winning.

They nail their points claiming the Apostles when thousands of souls who were genuinely convicted through the power of the Holy Spirit and the people asked “Men and brethren what must we do to be saved (Acts 2:37).

A pastor anonymously said: “Because people are gifted does not mean they are Godly or even truly know God’, contextualising his point on the gift of Le’Andria and their Christian lifestyle.

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Le’Andria’s current Christ-stance is not known to the public for now and no one is really sure if she has dumped her ‘liberal beliefs’ totally.

The GRAMMY Award-winning gospel recording artist, once spiraled out of control due to alcohol addiction.

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