Nigerian Top Christian Actress Married a Man with unsteady job but now thank God she did


A foremost Nigerian Christian actress, Gloria Bamiloye said Holy Spirit made her chose a man with unsteady job over those who were more successful but she is now happy she listened to the Holy Spirit.

The woman of God who advocates that women must priorities building their homes among other vision said: “…It is not easy to say yes to a man who has no steady job”.

She disclosed that many ladies place priorities on the goodies of life but that they should rather allow the Holy Spirit to open their eyes beyond the physical.

In her own case, she confirmed that the Holy Spirit showed her the glorious future she will have with Evangelist Mike Bamiloye who then had no steady source of income.

Today, Pastor Bamiloye is an household name in the global Christian film and tv production.

“When I saw Bro Mike, I saw a man who was loaded with power and the gift of the Holy Spirit. I saw the future. I saw beyond him”, she said elatedly.

She gave kudos to the Holy Spirit for directing her step to marry one of the most successful Christian Film makers in the world.

Today, Mrs Bamiloye graciously stands as the co-founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and she has written and produced plenty movies.

She is the mother of Damilola, Joshua and Darasimi and she is from Ilesa in Sun state, Nigeria.

The 55-year-old Christian celeb was born into a Muslim family but was introduced to Jesus Christ by her elder brother.

She had always admired pastors when growing up but never knew she would marry one.

She is passionate about women raising Godly children and building Godly homes.

“Every women must have the vision for her home because that is the primary ministry for every married woman. She acknowledged that married woman could be used by God in many other areas but that the home comes first.


“Not that God can’t use you beyond your home but whatever you will be, if the home is not standing, you cannot go far. Though in our modern world, many are despising the home, thinking they can go far…when you home is standing, God can take you anywhere and to any level”

“That is why I always say that women should focus on their homes and raise their children and to help their husbands. You won’t lose anything by doing this but rather helping yourself and establishing your own future. All these children are the future. If you don’t raise then now, you are neglecting your future. If you want to have peace and rest at the end of the day…build your home. You will laugh last”.

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