Parents Pray for Any Kind of Child & Get The One who Eats Grass and Lives in the Jungle


African parents ask God for a child even if he will be abnormal and they got a 21-year-old lad who can’t communicate; he eats grass and lives in the jungle just like an animal. Be careful what you wish for, they say.

The mother confirmed that they asked God for a child even if he will be abnormal and God answered their prayers.

The young lad who is now a social media celeb as his story trends has a very peculiar life from anybody else and he’s the only surviving child of his parents.

Zanzimana Ellie is a special boy whose facial appearance and behavior is almost like that of an African Chimpanzee. He prefers to stay in the forest most of the time and the mother cannot give up on looking for him to bring him back home.

He gets bullied by children and adults. The family also suffer bullying, mocking, and ridicule because of Ellie.


Ellie’s mother also revealed that immediately after she gave birth to him, his life has not been the same.  

As a child, he was born a tiny baby with a very small head almost making them believe that he will not survive.

Doctors also doubted he would grow up healthy and advised her that she should be prepared since she is going to have problems raising the child. But they face all odds and raised him to adulthood.

He was not mentally capable to be educated, so he has to remain unschooled. He roams the streets and smiles never even knowing he’s been bullied.

The mother said they run up to 230 kilometers a week trying to catch up with him, while Ellie runs up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Some of the challenges the mother goes through are that she feeds him grass like an animal. Bananas and fresh food are Ellie’s faves the poor mother could hardly afford such ‘luxury’.

Chasing him every evening to bring him is part of the mother’s daily routine.

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