Pastor Marries Four Virgins in One Day & Causes a Stir


Pastor Zagabe Chiluza has caused a stir online after he married four women, all virgins, at once, in a colorful wedding in eastern Congo.

The Congolese pastor was not marrying for the first time. He was married to his first wife before marrying the four. He serminised that he adopted the idea of polygamy from the Bible, using Jacob, who had four wives, as an example.

The ‘man of God’ encouraged others to practice polygamy, saying men from his church marry only virgins.

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Reports say the pastor who got saved in 1986 always uses the scriptures to prove that polygamy isn’t a sin. “Jacob had many wives Leah and Rachel, then Bilha and Zilpa…four wives for one man”.

On the wedding day, he said: “I have one wife already and today I’m going to marry these four. They will join the first wife”. He told the guests at the wedding that he was glad to have five wives.

Facebook commentators air their views on the issue:
Pastor Mat Nathaniel: “Those who are silent over something like this are as guilty as the pastor. The church in Congo and other parts of the world should condemn this act. We must not think or do as if it does not concern us…We must stand for the truth. We must defend the truth. Those virgins need to be freed from this manipulation…”

Alexander Oche: “Some of these pastors deceive their church members, using God’s name. The bible always says it, by their fruits u shall know them”.

Yetunde Becky Ibukun Abass
“This is a Satanic pastor cos end-time pastors still have God’s fear in them.
Members of his church kindly run for your dear life.
There is fire on the mountain …run run run.
You can’t enjoy the grace, blessing, and covenant of the children of God there”.

Adewoye Samuel Ola
“Well, I can’t blame him nor condemn him, because is better she married 4 wives than sleeping with church members. That’s my own opinion..”.

Bethy Abel
“And those virgins are senseless”

Estherchy Tunde Job
“This is the end time pastor’s so is not new, so everyone should be careful”.

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