Pastor Struck and Killed by a Car: pastors hardly enjoy compensation plan


A North Carolina pastor in the United States (U.S) was killed on Friday when a car hit him and several others waiting in line outside of a local hamburger restaurant.

The New Life Church Pastor Mark McKinney, 64, was waiting outside of Johnson’s Drive-In restaurant in Siler City, North Carolina, when a vehicle driven by a local man named John Salvatore Graviano crashed into the restaurant, killing McKinney instantly and injuring three others.

Among the injured was a 77-year-old woman who was airlifted to a nearby hospital in serious but stable condition, a 39-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man, both of whom were treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the car was not injured and the restaurant did not sustain major damage.
Police are investigating how the car crashed into the building.

As opposed to popular beliefs that many pastors are rich, researches revealed that churches and many small businesses do not assist their employees with medical expenses. The perception that pastors are rich deprive many of them of care by their congregation after they passed away.

In Africa, the church mourns for a few days and a succession battle ensues, with people hardly interested in the care for the pastor’s family.

It is also observed that churches are missing opportunities to invest in the financial health of their pastors and staff.

In the U.S, many Assemblies of God ministers receive a modest salary for the ministry work they perform. Forty-five percent of AG ministers receive less than $30,000 in total compensation and benefits annually.

Many do not receive benefits like health care or retirement contributions. 64% of ministers receive no health insurance benefits from their churches.

This comfortless situation forced 38% of ministers to work a second job in the U.S.

Also, 14% under age 45 receive government assistance, such as food stamps.

It is commonsense for a healthy church to be generous and intentional about compensation planning – a well-rounded compensation plan includes not only a salary, but also benefits like insurance, retirement contributions, and education assistance.

Reducing the financial stress of pastors makes it easier for them to minister. When the people take care of our church leaders, entire congregations benefit.

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