Pastor’s Wife Asked Lover to Murder Her “Abusive” Husband


The 48-year-old widow of David Charles Evans, who led the Harmony Freewill Baptist Church in Oklahoma before he was found dead in his home in March 2021, has pleaded guilty to asking her lover to murder him. Kristie Evans now wants the public to know why though her sentencing hearing is set for August.

The widow entered her guilty plea at Pontotoc County Courthouse last week.

Joi Miskel, the attorney for the widow says that Evans, who is now facing a potential life sentence, “understands there has to be accountability for her actions, and she’s prepared to serve whatever sentence is handed down”.

“At the same time, she wants the court and the public to know the reasons behind her actions,” Miskel said, adding that her client “at least now has some control and say so in her life that she didn’t have before — as twisted as that may sound.”

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that just after 1 a.m. on March 22, 2021, officers from the Ada Police Department responded to a 911 call in the 1400 block of Northcrest in Ada. They found the 50-year-old David Evans severely wounded. Paramedics would later pronounce him dead at the scene. His wife was also in the home.

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The man charged with the shooting was identified as 26-year-old Kahlil Deamie Square. A lawyer for Square said that his client is pleading not guilty to the murder charge.

It was later alleged in court documents that David Evans was a swinger and his widow confessed to plotting his murder with a man she spent three nights with while he was in Mexico on a mission trip.

Kristie Evans told investigators that she and her husband led secret life as swingers and met Square for sex at a Super 8 motel “on more than one occasion” months before her husband was killed. A swinger is someone who engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.

An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent reported in arresting documents that: ”On one of those occasions, Kristie secretly dropped her phone number on the floor for Kahlil. Kristie continued to communicate by phone daily with Kahlil without David’s knowledge”.

She reportedly asked him to kill her husband and even provided him with a gun and bullets. She also allegedly left the back door of their home opened on the night of his murder.

In a recent interview with NBC News from jail, Kristie Evans alleged that her husband abused her for years and was the one that pressured her to have sex with other men.

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