Plenty Americans Don’t Believe Jesus was Sinless


New studies have revealed that about 40 percent of Generation Z in America believe that Jesus was a human and sinned like other humans when he lived on earth.

The State of the Bible 2022 released its findings recently in which about 37 percent of Generation X agree that Jesus was not perfect. 35 percent of both millennials and boomers agreed. The elderly polled in the study had the lowest numbers, with 26 percent believing Jesus sinned.

Dr. Ed Stetzer, professor and executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College said the annual State of the Bible research is a remarkable tool for churches in America. He opined that: “Each piece of data acts as a guidepost, identifying cultural trends and highlighting groups of Americans whose hearts are softening toward God’s Word. By equipping themselves with these insights, churches can move toward more impactful ministry in their individual communities”.

In one data point, American Bible Study (ABS) reported that Gen Z registers high in curiosity about Jesus and/or the Bible, with 75 percent falling between a little curious (11 percent) and extremely curious (31 percent). About 21 percent said they were very curious, and 13 percent said they were somewhat curious.
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The ABS report also indicated that: “Curiosity has been called ‘the most underrated tool of persuasion.’ If that’s true, then Christians are well-positioned to share God’s message with their neighbors because curiosity is trending higher. It cuts across all generations. The Elder generation leads all age groups at 87 percent curiosity”.

Also, nearly all respondents who identified as Scripture-engaged (92 percent) said they believe God is an “all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the universe who rules the world today”.

By age group, 57 percent of Generation Z hold the same view, compared to 48 percent of millennials, 63 percent of Generation X, 67 percent of boomers, and 82 percent of the elderly.

In its 12th year of the report, the American Bible Study asks Americans about their opinions and practices relating to the Bible.

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