Pro-Abortion Group in the U.S Drops Lawsuit against Those Oppose Abortion


In the United States (US),Pro-abortion group popularly known as the Planned Parenthood Ais dropping a lawsuit against a series of Arizona pro-life laws that supporters say are designed to protect women.

The believers in abortion joined a coalition of pro-choice groups in 2019 challenging the Arizona laws, which require a 24-hour waiting period and counselling before obtaining an abortion.

The Arizona law permits only a doctor to perform an abortion, and prohibits telemedicine from being used for abortion services (such as the abortion pill).

The 2019 lawsuit said Arizona women had “suffered a sustained, multifront attack on their constitutional right to reproductive health care”. It was alleged that the sufferings were okayed by an “anti-choice activist groups and their allies in Arizona state government”.

The lawsuit is being dropped by the pro-abortion group apparently because the U.S. Supreme Court – and the federal courts in general have grown more conservative under nominees by President Trump. But Planned Parenthood did not give details why it is dropping the suit.

Trump nominee and Justice Amy Coney Barrett sat on the bench for her first case this month. She replaced the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a supporter of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which supported the laws and represented a crisis pregnancy center that intervened in the case, applauded the news of the dropped suit. ADF represented Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix.

ADF advanced argument that abortion is a life-altering decision, and no woman should be rushed or pressured into it.

The group’s senior counsel, Denise Harle said this is the reason they are happy that Planned Parenthood has notified the court that it wants to drop its flawed challenge to Arizona’s commonsense protections for women.

Harle added believed many women go for to abortion because they feel hopeless and are oblivious of the resources available to them.

He also said: “As many medical experts agree, significant, non-emergency medical procedures should not be performed without in-person consultation, or on a drop-in basis — let alone be performed by someone who is not a licensed physician”.

He postulated that women who do abortions without sufficient time to process the serious consequences are likely to suffer negative mental health issues later in life, as they were not certain of all the ramifications they took to kill an unborn baby.

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