Sexy Lingerie Boosts Christian Women’s Confidence?


Studies reveal that the right underwear can transform the way you feel about yourself. It gives you a confidence boost that you never knew you needed.

Tatyana Dyachenko a sexual and relationship therapist says “Remember to wear lingerie for you, if you feel good it shines through and makes you appear more attractive to others. Confidence is sexy so embrace your body, curves, and all. It’s time for you to feel good and lingerie can help you achieve that”.

Another study confirms that self-confidence is lacking in many Christian marriages as some Christian women become careless about their bodies a few years after getting married.

Katie Lasson, a clinical sexologist says: “Lingerie is a tool that, when used correctly, can help you to feel more sexy and confident. Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin and sexy underwear has the power to transform the way you feel about yourself”.

As a relationship advisor, Katie is passionate about helping people feel empowered by their sexuality. She added that: “I believe that pleasure is your birthright”.

God created sex to be enjoyed with marriage and maximum sexual pleasure is the right of every man and woman.

Lingerie, like any other fashion accessory, has undergone many transformations over the decades. From the agonising apodesme used in Ancient Greece to the peculiar pantalettes of the 1800’s, we have seen it all.

Katie recently found out that the concept that lingerie should be visually appealing didn’t come into effect until the late 19th century”.

Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile was one of the main pioneers in developing lingerie that freed women from the traditional restrictive undergarments such as corsets. The famous Flappers of the 1920’s further cemented these ideals with their blatant disregard for social standards and desire for more free-flowing lingerie.

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Lingerie is a category of women’s clothing that includes undergarments and nightwear. However, we do not usually think of lingerie as including flannel nightgowns and thermal body armor. The word lingerie connotes frilly, lacy, and provocative intimate apparel worn for the pleasure of a sexual partner. Since many pieces of lingerie are designed to elicit a sexual response, should a Christian wife wear that kind of lingerie for her husband?

When considering the intimate decisions between husband and wife, we must always keep in mind the Bible’s instruction in 1 Corinthians 7:3–5, which reminds spouses that their bodies belong to each other. A wife’s wearing of sexy lingerie for her husband is certainly within the realm of Christian liberty, and there is nothing wrong with a wife voluntarily wearing such lingerie for his enjoyment.

However, the practice of a wife wearing sexy lingerie for her husband can be taken too far. A lustful, selfish husband may insist that his wife play degrading roles for his own satisfaction and in ways that are not mutually pleasing. Making a wife dress like a prostitute, insisting she wears lingerie that demeans her, or pressuring her to pretend roles that make her uncomfortable is not a part of Paul’s instruction for mutual submission.
Husbands and wives should not be ashamed to experiment with and enjoy sexual expression with each other in any way they want; however, some Christian wives feel pressured by their husbands to behave in the bedroom in ways they find revolting. A wise and loving husband will never use his wife’s submission as an excuse to violate her conscience. If a wife wears sexually provocative lingerie, it should be because both husband and wife are in agreement about it (Ephesians 5:21).

Sometimes a Christian wife will justify wearing revealing or sexually themed clothing in public by saying, “My husband likes it.” However, what is fine behind closed doors is not equally fine out and about. If her husband is not the only man who will be seeing her dressed that way, then modesty must prevail (1 Timothy 2:9). A woman who desires to honor the Lord with her body will dress and conduct herself to bring honor to her husband and to the Lord (Proverbs 31:11–12).

God invented sex and designated it as a loving action between a married man and woman (Genesis 2:22–25). But rebellious humanity has stripped it of its sacredness and perverted it with a myriad of sexual sins, some of which are evident in certain styles of lingerie.

A Christian couple who desires to keep the sanctity of their marital union will guard their hearts against demeaning what God calls good. If lingerie or certain sexual actions challenge a husband or wife’s purity of heart, those choices need to be changed as a way of lovingly submitting to each other.

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