Shared beliefs on sexuality and gender, Suspension of Christian Student


A Michigan student, David Stout, is suing his high school and school district for punishing and suspending him because he shared his religious stance on LGBT matters, including laughing at some jokes considered inappropriate during a summer band camp.

The lawsuit was filed against Plainwell Community Schools, Plainwell High School, and all officials of the school, as at last week.

The Complaint, David Stout, maintains he was suspended for three days as at last October because the school management insists that he violated anti-bullying policies. He was neither allowed to attend classes nor to participate in after school activities.

Court documents say that,  according to Stout, in a text message to another student, only two biological genders exist. Further allegations against him includes that he said that the “Bible teaches that homosexual conduct is a sin…”

The Complaint, David Stout, maintains that the student’s speech “both on and off campus” is under the protection of the First Amendment to the U.S Constitution, Article I, Section 5 of the Michigan Constitution.

We will recall that a similar case was brought before the court Last November, where a Catholic student sued a New Hampshire school district, for punishing him because he said that there were only two genders in a debate with a fellow student.

“The key question before the court will be if, Exeter’s Gender Nonconforming Students policy, nearly identical to the policy adopted by school districts across the state, can be used to suppress the free speech rights of students who hold dissenting views.”


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