Sold into Slavery Six Times by Fulani & Muslims, Yet Became First African Bishop & Translated Bible from English to Yoruba


His town was raided in Osogun, Western Nigerian in 1821 and he was sold into slavery six times by the Fulani and Oyo Muslims but later led the team that translated the Bible from English to Yoruba Language.

Samuel Ajayi Crowther etched his name in the Christian sand of time in Nigeria as the first African Bishop – ordained in 1843 – and was mightily used of God, though his father was an Ifa (satanic divination) Priest.

As he jumped from hand of slavery trader to another, he lost his dad and was torn apart from his mother and sister. Finally, he was purchased by the Portuguese transatlantic slave traders.

In April, 1822, British Naval squadron antislavery patrol captured the ship on which Ajayi was taken as a slave and emptied his human cargo in Freetown Sierra Leone. They was where many thousands of helpless Africans were deposited like useless products. It was from the same place, Ajayi became powerfully useful for God, entering a Christian Missionary School (CMS) and was baptised on December 11, 1825.

He became one of the first students in of the Fourth Bay Institute in Sierra Leone founded by the CMS in 1827 to train natives for Christian service.

Ajayi graduated and became a tutor in the college, doubling also as an evangelist and was thereafter sent to England to study at the CMS college in London, as prerequisite for his ordination as the first African Bishop in 1843.

Those who encountered him described him as intelligent, reliable, soft spoken and a devoted child of God.

Ajayo’s story inspires millions today – that tough circumstances can only break the weak and that the best can come from the worst situation.

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