Stop Being Hard on Yourself. God Will Bless You, regardless of your Errors


Peter’s name is mentioned in the gospels more than anyone except the name of Jesus.

No one speaks in the gospels as often as Peter did, and Jesus spoke more to Peter than to any other individual.

Jesus rebuked Peter more than any other disciple.

Peter was the only disciple who dared to rebuke Jesus.

Peter confessed Jesus more boldly and accurately than any other disciple.

Peter denied Jesus more forcefully and publicly than any other disciple.

Jesus praised Peter more than any other disciple

Jesus addressed Peter as Satan alone among the disciples.

Peter was timid and described as shaking grass but went on to become the rock, upon which the foundation of the church was built.

Peter was the greatest risk-taker among the Apostles. He was not too careful to fail or say the wrong thing. He stepped out of the boat during a raging storm and walked on the water with Jesus then later sunk when he focused on the storm but was rescued by Jesus. 

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Peter apparently secretly struggled with unforgiveness but was bold enough to ask the Messiah how many times we should forgive a brother that sins against us. He thought sevens times was enough but got a shocker when the Lord said: seventy times seven, meaning literally 490 times, but the Lord was actually telling him that forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues of the kingdom.

Peter was the one bold enough to ask Jesus, after the encounter with the rich young ruler, what the disciples would receive for giving everything up to follow Jesus. He wanted to check if there is profit in following Christ.

Peter was the one who insisted that Jesus would not wash his feet; then he commanded Jesus to wash his whole body! 

·Peter swore he would not deny Christ. “Even if I have to die with you I will not deny You!” But denied Jesus three times, cursing and swearing that he did not even know “the Man,” refusing to even name the name of Jesus.

 Peter was the one who cut off the right ear of Malchus, the servant of the high priest, when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus 

·Peter was the one who ran with John the disciple to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection, after hearing the report of the women that the body of Jesus was not in its tomb.

Peter was the one who received a personal visit from the resurrected Jesus on the day of the resurrection.

Peter was an uneducated fisherman. 

This same Peter after the Holy Spirit empowered him and other Apostles, he led the preaching that won 3,000 souls.

The same Peter healed the crippled man at the gate called Beautiful.

Peter and John were delivered from jail by an angel.

His shadow healed the sick and cast out demon in Acts 5.

He healed Aeneas, the paralytic man in Acts 9.

He raised Tabitha, the kind woman from the dead in Acts 9.

Hear me clearly, God can Bless you. God can use you. God can heal you. God can deliver you. God can save and deliver through you…no matter your weakness, no matter your disqualification, no matter your mistakes, no matter your sins.

God does not wait for you to be fully holy, super righteous, and 100 percent obedient before He would bless you. If he would that, no one may be qualified for His blessings. God loves obedient children. God wants us to be holy. God also knows that we are “a bunch of work in progress”. It is also worthy of note that those who obey God more will enjoy God more. Psalms 147:11 says “But the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love”. Psalms 25:14 says “The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant”. We are all children of God but we are not all friends of God. Friendship carries additional benefits. It’s like you are the child and also the friend of your dad…

If you are not a Christian, repent of your sins, accept Jesus as Lord and saviour and confess like this: Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, save me, wash me by your blood. I believe you died for me and on the third day, you rose up again. Be my Lord. Be my saviour. From today, I am born again in the name of Jesus.

If you make this confession, the same Holy Spirit that empowered Peter has entered your life to empower you.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.

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