Teenage Boys Face the Law, Police PR Gives Semon


Amateur photo of the suspects

If you are living in Nigeria, then there is no doubt that you are not aware of the happenings across the country.

The police public relations officer in Ogun State, had on Monday, given a sermon, addressing the pressing issues.

The PRO, Abimbola Oyeyemi gave his sermon in Abeokuta where four teenage boys suspected to have killed Sofiat, a girlfriend to one them for ritual purposes were paraded. The mastermind of the crime, who was on the run was also halted and paraded.

This is not the first of it’s kind since the new year began , yet everyone is worried as to why teenage youth and other young adult could think of nothing but rituals.

It was after the parade that the PRO began a sermon on the three institutions that should be held responsible for the moral bankruptcy among the youth.

” I want to say that many parents have failed in their responsibilities. This is a result of bad parenting. It is a result of complete failure of parental responsibility because if this thing has not been encouraged by the parents, I do not believe that any properly brought up child will want to embark on this type of criminality.”

“I also want to advise that the generality of people have a lot of work to do, the religious bodies, entertainment bodies, and everybody that has one thing or the other on protecting life and properties.”

” The religious bodies should stop preaching only prosperity…”

No doubt the sermon was necessary in a time like this when several youth have traded their consciences for money.

Gone are those days when parents cared about the source of their children’s income. Now, political leaders flaunt wealth, buying cars they may never ride and building houses they will never live in. Nobody cares about the masses.

And the result is out , everywhere you turn your gaze today, crazy things are happening there.




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