Trump angry at Catholic & Jewish Voters. He’s running for President again


Former United States President, Donald Trump targets more Jewish and Catholic votes as he recently expressed subtle interest to go for the highest office in the U.S again.

When speaking with his religious advisers, he complained about losing the Catholic and Jewish votes in the 2020 elections but said: “I’m very optimistic we’re going to be back”.

His recent conference call with members of his new National Faith Advisory Board indicates he is preparing to make another run.

He said: “I did a lot for the Catholics. I’m a little bit surprised that we didn’t do better with the Catholic vote. I think we got about 50% of the [Catholic] vote. And yet, we did a lot for the Catholic vote. So we’ll have to talk to them. We’re gonna have to meet with the Catholics”.

The meeting was kicked off by his televangelist adviser Paula White. The conference call which was held last Thursday was organized by Intercessors for America.

The low votes he got from the Jewish voters also pissed him off. “Look what I did with the embassy in Jerusalem and what I did with so many other things … Israel has never had a better friend, and yet I got 25% of the vote. I think they have to get together. There has to be a little bit more unity with the religious groups all represented on this call”.

Trump also made it clear in the week that he will battle President Joe Biden’s anti-faith agenda.

The vocal real estate mogul also bashed church-going Biden’s record on religion. “A lot of things have happened with respect to faith and religion, and they’re not good things … what they’re doing to religion, what they’re doing to Christianity, is a sad, sad thing for our country”.

He lauded the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Texas, which refused to block a law that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

He also complained that COVID-19 is “out of control”. He said the pandemic is “setting records right now”, referring to rising case rates and deaths largely in anti-mask Republican-controlled states.

From the former president’s complaint, it is obvious that he got sufficient support from the regular Christians but much less from Catholics and the Jewish people.

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