Witchcraft Tribe That Eats Humanbeings Finally Accepts The Gospel


The light of the gospel has shone on the Yali Tribe in Papa New Guinea, which used to kill missionaries, practice witchcraft and engage in cannibalism – the tribe is now follows God and accepted with gratitude 2,500 Bibles flown to them.

This gospel breakthrough happened 55 years after the tribe was first discovered by Mission Aviation Fellowship in a flight survey in 1965.

1,400 the Bibles were children’s Bibles and the Bibles were sent by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), a Christian organization that flies Bibles to areas that cannot receive them in other ways.

When the Bibles sent to one of the Yali Tribe’s church were not sufficient as demand was more than supple, more were ordered.

Reports confirmed that it was a gracious moment in the villages as the waited with anticipation for the plane, carrying the Bible to land.

Women and children were celebrating by chanting in their local tongue and dancing as they welcome the landing of God’s word in their midst.

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