Woman charged to court for deliberate transmission of HIV to 10-month-old baby


In Harare, a 23-year-old Zimbabwean woman has been charged to court for the transmitation of HIV to her friend’s baby through breastfeeding.

The incident happened in August in the city of Harare, to a 10-month-old baby with the baby’s mother gave the woman her child to babysit.

Local media reported that the accused decided to feed the baby when the baby started crying while playing with other children. It was also reported that breastfeeding was done in the presence of the other local children.

Yet to be identified, the suspect allegedly was aware of her HIV status, but still ignored the risks and breastfed the baby. The matter was reported to the police after the baby’s mother was informed of the incident by one of the children who witnessed the incident.

The suspect was initially charged with ill-treatment of a minor under the children act at the Harare Magistrate’ court, however, the charges have since been upped to the deliberate transmission of HIV to a minor.

The suspect has been granted bail of Z$500 (£1) and the trial is set to begin on October 19.

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